Wednesday, 25 May 2011

My Candy Eyes UPDATE~ (And Honeycolor too!)

Helloooo (:
So it's been exactly a month from when I ordered from Um... Yeah it's also been a week since I opened up the dispute. Paypal's just waiting for their input, but they don't seem to be responding to it. My status still says processing though. Good work mycandyeyes! -hints heavy sarcasm-

And with honeycolor, they haven't replied to any of my emails, BUT, they actually have sent me an email this morning, confirming that they shipped my lenses out 3 days ago, and that they should be arriving on the 4th of June! So, that super fast processing, considering the fact that I ordered lenses with prescription =D

Saturday, 21 May 2011

MyCandyEyes - Filing Dispute with Paypal

Update: So I filed a dispute a few days ago with paypal, they're now looking into it. MyCandyEyes are still ignoring my emails, possibly because I asked for a refund. I actually think there might be something wrong with their system this month, because a few people have not been getting anything from them for the past month or so. This one girl had an order from a month ago which she never received and they're not replying to her emails either. I ordered the same lenses from, I'm hoping I get them soon.