Friday, 29 July 2011

Max Pure Browns Review (HoneyColor)

Brand: EOS
Diameter: 14.5mm
Made in: South Korea
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Life Span: 1 Year

This is my second ever pair of circle lenses. I don't really like to wear lenses because most of the time they are uncomfortable and take too much effort to clean and soak every night...Not to mention poking at my eyeball every single morning. 
But here is a review (finally) of the EOS Max Pure Browns I purchased a few months ago :)

These lenses are 14.5mm in diameter, which is the normal diameter for circle lenses, I think. They supposedly range from 14 to 15 or 16mm (which is completely ridiculous in my opinion..I mean come on, who wants eyes that look like they're popping out of your head). 14.5mm sits at just natural enough for every day wear.

Honeycolor has cute packaging. ^^ The lenses came in two vials, which were placed neatly into a small box (which prevented them from rolling around during shipping). There was also a lens case provided (which I don't use anyway..) which is always nice. Everything was securely bubble wrapped and placed into an envelope. 

 Instructions on the back of the box for anyone who hasn't had past experiences with wearing lenses before.

 Yes, I am aware that my right eye is twice the power of my left...

These vials took forever for me to open >:U

After nearly cutting my fingers off trying to open the glass vials the lenses came in, I soaked the lenses overnight so I could wear them the next day (this is really important! Don't get too excited and put them in straight away!) The left lens was relatively comfortable but holy mother of God the right lens hurt like craaazy! :< I found out it wasn't the lens' fault though, it was mine, because there was a small piece of lint on the inside of it. 
After wearing these for a month now, I'm relatively used to it. Sometimes I can still feel that there are lenses in my eyes (which you shouldn't be) but really, it doesn't bother me too much.

Appearance wise, these lenses are quite possibly the most natural ones out there. They have a limbal ring (a dark circle around the lens to enlarge your eyes) but they honestly look so natural that no one noticed anything about my eyes. They look orange-brown in the lens case but on my eyes, which are dark brown, they almost appear to be black... Which gives off the more 'innocent' vibe, if that's what you're looking for. They weren't HUGE, per se, but just gave a slight enlarging effect. Not ridiculously doll like.

 Looks a lot better with some eye makeup. Not as alien-like.


 They look orange huh?

From far away, they look relatively natural. 

In conclusion, I do recommend these lenses to anyone who is looking for natural lenses (there are gray ones too!). They are quite comfortable, as long as you keep them clean and hygienic. Keep in mind that these are 14.5mm in diameter and last for a year (but you should throw them out and replace them in 6 months. I don't know how safe it really is to wear the same lenses for a year.. ew). Also, Honeycolor has pretty quick shipping and processing time (considering that these are prescribed and they had to ship from their warehouse in Malaysia to Australia). They're not particularly great with responding to emails and such, but oh well. What can you do...

Comfort: 8/10 (wore these for 8 hours straight, I'm fine without eyedrops)
Enlargement: 6/10 (great if you want to go au naturale)
Colour: 9/10
Design: 10/10
Service: 8/10