Friday, 29 July 2011

Vampire Transformation~

My art project consists of using makeup as a medium, to transform myself into nine different people/creatures/characters. The reason for this is to show how the media is influencing today's young teenagers (mostly girls) to use makeup to change their physical appearance. This is a somewhat controversial topic, but ah well. .____.

The first transformation is vampire! This is just an experiment, but here goes:
Rawr~ Gay sparkly vampire ftw yeow.


  1. This picture is soo nice, it's dark yet beautiful.. I like it :)
    btw, I followed! Let's give support to one another ya?

    Looking forward to the rest of your transformations!

  2. omg you're so pretty!
    I have to say, that lipstick look amazing on you.
    Legit, you do give off that vampire vibe ; D

    I can't wait to see some of your other looks.

  3. @THT Christina,
    Thanks! I followed you too (:

    @SJxDB Thanks! I give off a vampire vibe? Heheh..well...the miracles of makeup. I'll be doing another one today, but I don't know how successful it's going to turn out. :P

    y so secksii!